Get To Know Us


Emily Richards

Emily lives in Southern California with her husband Josh and her two children, Isla and Jude. Emily is one of the Founders of Blush Market and has been with the market since the very beginning. What started off as an Etsy shop making bows as a hobby has blossomed into this beautiful company known as Blush Collective. She is humbled to be a part of it. Some of her favorite things are (in no particular order): wine, Disneyland, good TV (This Is Us, am I right?!), cooking, decorating, painting, traveling and writing. Emily is passionate about doing life in community and has found hope in honest and simple living. One of her greatest callings is being a mom and she loves encouraging others who are on that journey with her. She strives everyday to find joy in the bitter and in the sweet and loves to find creative ways to spread that joy into the world. 


Mary Ferrer

Mary is a Bay Area girl living in Southern California with her husband Matthew & their daughter, Mia. Her current obsessions are chai tea lattes, YouTube vlogs, and Gilmore Girls (which she's watched through in it's entirety approximately 300 times). She’s a mom who loves Target and Starbucks and realizes that those facts make her 90% "basic." Which she is 100% ok with. She has been abundantly blessed with her husband who can make her laugh at any moment of any day & her daughter who has taught her more in 7 months than she’s learned her entire life. She’s found that  relationships created in womanhood and motherhood are truly what bind us together. That’s what makes her so excited to be here at Blush Collective. And that’s what makes her so excited to get to know you.