More Dance Parties

More dance parties.

This is the resolution that we made as a family for the new year. If one of us is feeling overwhelmed, stressed, alone, frustrated, angry, sad or in any kind of funk, the four of us will gather in a room, turn on some good music and dance it out.

Try it and thank me later. Dance parties always end in laughter. And what better way to get there in the moments when joy is what you need to find?



Joy seemed hard to come by for me in 2017. Ironically it was my “focus word” for last year. A mantra that I strive to live by is “Joy in the bitter and the sweet.” There was so much sweet in 2017, but my heart seemed to be dragged down by the bitter. But still, I worked hard to find it. 

I looked for joy by chasing after moments. Making unforgettable memories with my family. Going and doing, constantly. Planning events. Ensuring that our weekends were full of excitement and fun. Making the most of every holiday throughout the year. These are all good things. Really, they are great things! And when your perspective is right, they are healthy things. But my perspective was all wrong.  

I was so consumed with chasing the big moments that I missed the little ones happening right in front of me.

The smell of dinner cooking over the stove. The feeling of the breeze blowing through my window at night. The sound of my children’s laughter. The warmth of my husband’s embrace. A good candle burning on my nightstand. Wine on my lips. The sun on my back. A walk with a good friend. A silent moment with Jesus.

I experienced these things. And I was thankful for them. But I missed it. I missed the moment where I could find my joy right there. Right in the midst of where I was. I had nothing to chase. Life was happening in front of me.

Today, I am thankful for a new found perspective. I am thankful that as I head into 2018, God has given the wisdom to embrace the little moments. Breathe and settle into them.

What I know now is that these little moments are the big ones.

The homemade meals enjoyed around the table. The crisp night air, inviting me to snuggle up with my husband a little closer. My beautiful babies. My husband's undeniable love. Vulnerable friendship. All entangled in a God that loves every last bit of me. This is the big stuff. 

Friends, I have to ask. What is it that you are missing? What is it that you are chasing after to bring you your joy? For me, it was the moments. For you it could be money. It could be a new house. It could be new friends. It could be feeling valuable or useful. It could be approval. Whatever it is, give it to Jesus. And open your eyes to the beauty happening before you.

And when you are feeling down, grab your people and dance it out.